HCP Connect™ HCP programmatic


A revolutionary targeting solution that helps marketers confidently reach HCPs across the full digital landscape at scale, beyond HCP-focused opt-in sites.

As an exciting extension of our ongoing partnership, Crossix and Acxiom have combined our data and technology assets to enable an innovative approach to reaching healthcare professionals (HCPs) through programmatic digital media. Powered by the Crossix-Acxiom HCP Match Graph and designed to allow marketers to extend beyond list-based publishers, while minimizing the accuracy limitations of traditional approaches that rely on non-gated visitation to an HCP focused website or IP address matching.

Key Benefits

  • Greater accuracy than traditional approaches that leverage engagement with HCP content or IP-based matching as proxies for identifying HCPs
  • Increased reach and scale of relevant HCPs, including specialists 
  • Improved campaign efficiency & ROI

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