HCP Connect™ HCP Advanced Targeting


A revolutionary targeting solution that helps marketers reach the right physicians and improve personal and
non-personal promotion efforts

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Key Benefits
  • Minimize waste and identify missed targets by overlaying predictive data about an HCP's patients' treatment behavior
  • Develop better HCP segmentation and messaging by gaining a better understanding of their patients, across hundreds of different attributes
  • Identify the most effective ways to reach an HCP by evaluating his/her media channel receptiveness

"The fact that it is now possible to target physicians based not just on prescribing data, but rather through deeper patient data is incredibly innovative. We're excited to be working with Crossix to discover just how much further we can take our HCP efforts."

- Angelo Campano, Senior Manager, Marketing Analytics & Consulting at Ogilvy CommonHealth Worldwide

Our Methodology


"I'm not interested in solutions that are solely focused on what happened in the past. Our clients demand a better approach. We use predictive analytics combined with contextual data to inform the 'why,' which collectively inform the targeting, messaging, and content strategies."

- Mark Miller, SVP Healthcare Portfolio Lead at Epsilon

Case Study: Pharma Brand Finds Efficiencies
By analyzing the respective patient treatment profiles of target physicians, Brand X refined its targeting approach to drive increased ROI for its HCP efforts.

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