Crossix built its independent data network specifically with HIPAA and consumer-centric analytics challenges in mind, going right to the sources of healthcare data in order to lose none of the granularity and usefulness of the fully robust data. The unbiased nature of Crossix Rx, medical and OTC data, and the unique means of matching client and partner data, provides more accurate metrics, more quickly, more regularly, and more cost-effectively – enabling entirely new applications.
The data network allows Crossix to effectively measure the impact of marketing and media programs using a representative sample of U.S. pharmaceutical and OTC transactions, as well as medical claims and electronic health records (EHR). Crossix Rx and medical data represents the entire U.S. geography, varied pharmacy types including retail (chain and independents), pharmacy benefit managers (including mail order and specialty), health plans and switch companies, and all payment types (including government, cash and third party).

Crossix Patented Distributed Data Mining

Crossix not only enables new applications and best-in-class analytics products and services for its clients and partners, but also with a best-in-class privacy and security profile, overcoming specific challenges and issues associated with legacy approaches.
Crossix utilizes a patented technology platform, reporting aggregated metrics on large groups of individuals, to specifically comply with privacy laws and regulations, including HIPAA, and stringently protect Crossix partner and client information. The methodology relies on access to Rx, medical and OTC data behind the firewalls at various Crossix transactional data supplier entities, including pharmacy chains, PBMs and other “covered entities” under HIPAA. Crossix utilizes a fully automated process such that no employee at Crossix accesses any personally identifiable information (PII) or protected health information (PHI). Only HIPAA-certified de-identified results leave the transactional data suppliers and arrive at Crossix for use in aggregated analytics. Crossix aggregates results for the included groups or segments, across the data network, into actionable analytics reporting for clients.
Crossix privacy and security must meet the demands of its clients and those of the HIPAA covered entities that provide the access to Rx and medical data. With no centralized "de-identified" data asset, the Crossix platforms enable breakthrough connections across various historically siloed datasets while eliminating many of the re-identification and data security risks inherent with other, legacy approaches.
Crossix continually and strategically adds additional data suppliers, looking to build on its already strong network for patient and consumer Rx, medical and OTC data matchback. If you are interested in more information or becoming a Data Partner, contact us.