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Crossix Launches AI Capabilities as Part of DIFA™ Digital Measurement Platform’s Ongoing Expansion

Market-leading platform now becomes progressively smarter about campaign performance the more that healthcare advertisers use it to measure and optimize digital media

NEW YORK, NY – October 25, 2017 – Crossix announced today that it has introduced AI capabilities called Crossix Advanced Insights™ as part of the ongoing expansion of its industry-leading DIFA™ digital measurement platform for healthcare advertisers. Driven by Crossix’s Distributed Data Network (DDN), this enhancement means that as advertisers continue to use DIFA, the platform becomes smarter and more predictive about campaign performance, empowering advertisers to optimize their digital media earlier and more effectively than ever before.

"Over four years ago, we introduced the now widely-used DIFA platform to help healthcare marketers make smarter digital investments. The addition of Advanced Insights is an exciting evolution that makes it even easier for clients to extract tangible value by using DIFA," said Ira Haimowitz, VP, Product Strategy, at Crossix. "The solution is especially helpful for continuing DIFA clients as the media assessments become more predictive over time, by applying machine learning to ongoing DIFA campaign data. We are always looking for new ways to support our clients with innovative technology, and now they can tap into the full power of their data to optimize campaigns."

Available only through the DIFA platform, Crossix Advanced Insights combines historical data, including publisher and placement group attributes, category and brand treatment, diagnoses, lab tests, and other audience data to determine which combinations of metrics are most predictive of incremental sales. With this added level of machine learning, clients can continually optimize their campaigns across and within publishers based on the metrics that matter the most for their individual campaigns. Crossix recalibrates these metrics to account for more recent campaign performance history, which ensures ongoing learning and improvement.

"As an agency with a longstanding partnership with Crossix, we recognize the benefits of having our senior media analysts working in lockstep with Crossix to leverage diverse audience and conversion datasets to generate actionable insights for our clients," said Dori Cappola, Senior Vice President, Media, at Klick Health. "This model will empower our team to further optimize our media campaigns in a uniquely predictive way that helps us isolate the true drivers of conversion in our industry."

The addition of Crossix Advanced Insights follows the recent expansion of DIFA to include healthcare professional campaign measurement through DIFA HCP™, as well as measurement capabilities for Site and Search. For more information about these exciting developments and the DIFA platform, please visit www.crossix.com/DIFA.

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Crossix empowers healthcare companies and companies that care about health to plan, measure and optimize their marketing and communication initiatives. Fueled by its Distributed Data Network (DDN) technology and the industry’s most comprehensive set of health and non-health data, which encompasses more than 250 million U.S. consumers, Crossix analytics inform strategic decisions, maximize business results, and drive improved patient outcomes. Crossix connects Rx, OTC, CPG, clinical, medical claims, hospital, consumer and media data with best-in-class privacy safeguards far exceeding HIPAA requirements. Through an unrivaled commitment to innovation and its first-of-their-kind partnerships, Crossix offers an expansive suite of audience and media optimization solutions across programmatic advertising, addressable TV, mobile marketing, search, Point of Care, and beyond. Founded in 2004, Crossix is headquartered in New York City. For more information, visit www.crossix.com.

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