CRM Impact™CRM Measurement


Make the most of your customer relationship & patient support programs

Nurturing strong and enduring relationships with your customers through programs is essential to your business. And continually improving these programs is key. Crossix uses Rx and OTC behavioral data to provide critical intelligence on audience treatment profiles, conversion (incremental new patients), and retention (incremental scripts), so you can monitor and optimize program performance early and often.

Key Advantages:

  • Identify the Rx treatment profile of the audience who participates in the program
  • Determine the relative effectiveness of different referring channels that drive program participants to opt-in to the program  
  • Identify the most effective outbound tactics (email, direct mail)
  • Enable ongoing optimization throughout a program’s duration

Case Study: Impact of Program on Rx Conversion

A client wanted to measure conversion (new patient starts) generated by their program. Their program was driven by multiple tactics, but largely co-registration. Overall the program yielded a positive net conversion impact of 1.9% vs. control within 5 months following participants' respective registration dates. 

This client also wanted to understand how their co-reg publishers were driving conversion. The Crossix conversion report found that Publishers 1 and 3 led to higher conversion rates and a higher lift over control than Publisher 2. Based on this information, the client decided to invest more heavily in Publishers 1 and 3. 

Case Study: Audience Rx Profile

A brand wanted to understand their CRM audience better:
  1. Who is treating with their brand
  2. Who is treating with competitor brands
  3. Who is naive to category
The Crossix Rx profile analysis indicated that while a small group of new brand patients were interested in the patient support offered by the program, the program appealed primarily to non-patients interested in obtaining information about the brand and secondarily to patients on competitive brands.
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