Digital Impact™DIGITAL measurement


Game-changing measurement of digital advertising that goes way beyond clicks.


CrossixDigital Impact provides more comprehensive insights into the broader audience exposed to advertising. We’ve pioneered the only proven, privacy-safe way to understand the treatment profile of those exposed to online ads and determine whether ad exposure drives new (incremental) patient starts and campaign ROI. By leveraging Crossix Digital Impact, digital marketers, online publishers and brand website managers alike can better understand overall campaign impact.

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Advantages for Digital Marketers

  • Plan, measure and optimize digital campaigns
  • Understand campaign impact beyond just impressions & clicks - know how your ads actually impact Rx/OTC sales
  • Evaluate campaign performance across all sites, publishers and ad networks

Advantages for Online Publishers

  • Evaluate your properties based on actual health data
  • Increase the perceived and actual value of your offerings to advertisers
  • Differentiate your offerings from competition in the marketplace
  • Enable sales teams to better price and pitch ad inventory

The same innovative approach used to analyze the effectiveness of online ad campaigns can also be leveraged to better understand the audience composition and performance of your brand website.

Advantages for Brand Website Managers

  • Plan, measure and optimize your website
  • Better understand the treatment composition of site visitors and how they engage with your site
  • Know if your site drives incremental conversion to brand or category
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