DIFA HCP digital media optimization for hcp campaigns


First-of-its-kind HCP digital measurement powered by the leading DIFATM platform

Crossix DIFA HCPTM is a cloud-based interface specifically designed to validate that your campaigns are reaching the right HCPs and connect exposure to Rx impact. With DIFA HCP, you can:
  • Better understand the breakdown of HCPs reached by target list, decile, specialty, and demo/geo
  • Optimize HCP media by evaluating audience quality based on patient treatment data
  • Measure incremental Rx sales & ROI (net vs. control)

Why It's Better:

  • Measurement Across Full Digital Landscape – beyond traditional, partner-dependent, list-based measurement, which provides a limited view of campaign performance
  • Superior Metrics & Granularity – provides deeper metrics at more granular dimensions of analysis for more timely optimization
  • Comprehensive Connected Data – measures more devices and therefore identifies more HCPs exposed to advertising
  • Visibility Across HCP & Consumer Campaigns – enables greater understanding of the overall performance of a campaign
  • Proven Ability to Deliver – built on the leading DIFA platform, which healthcare marketers have depended on for over 4 years

The Industry's Most Robust HCP Match Graph:

By using multiple data sets to identify HCPs across different organizations and locations, marketers can now measure HCP media with greater precision and connect HCPs to their digital identities.


Crossix Matches to More HCP Data:

While others can only measure a portion of the many professional devices an HCP uses, Crossix measures more, including both professional and personal. As a result, DIFA HCP identifies a greater portion of HCPs exposed to advertising.


Illustrative Example: HCP Specialties Reached (by Publisher)

Understand the breakdown of HCP type by publisher or placement group level

Illustrative Example: Category Treatment (by Placement Group)

Understand the category treatment of the audience exposed by placement group. This enables media optimization within each publisher by identifying specific placement groups that are performing well/poorly

*Index that compares the rate of the exposed audience diagnosed in category to the same observed in the general population of U.S. pharmacy goers 
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