POC Measurement


An innovative approach to measuring patient-focused programs in the doctor’s office or at the pharmacy.


Whether you are marketing in-office or at-pharmacy, it's imperative that you understand how your Point of Care (POC) marketing efforts impact health behavior. Using privacy-safe measurement techniques and actual healthcare and non-health data, Crossix POC Impact determines whether campaign exposure results in new (incremental) patients or drives incremental adherence among existing patients for your brand.

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Key Advantages:

  • Enables a consistent 360-degree measurement methodology covering cross-channel in-office and at-pharmacy marketing
  • By adopting a patient-centric approach, POC impact provides demonstrable advantages over traditional HCP and POC measurement methodologies

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Breadth of Insights

Crossix POC Impact enables more actionable understanding of how patient exposure to multiple POC efforts impacts patient behavior (e.g., conversion, adherence).

Our Innovative Approach

Crossix POC Impact uses consumer Rx/OTC data and a unique "double-control" methodology to provide accurate, timely and privacy-safe patient-centric measurement of POC program impact.

POC Impact Case Study

A leading Rx brand needed to:
  • Measure performance for their POC tactics
  • Understand if certain tactics worked better in concert with others
  • Determine the incremental Rx impact among patients who were exposed
  • Adjust and refine their messaging program based on the results
​After analyzing mutually-exclusive patient groups based on their respective exposure to combinations of messaging tactics, Crossix observed incremental Rx fills among patients who were exposed to the in-office brochure and visited a physician exposed to HCP messaging, relative to patients exposed to one or the other tactic. Contact us now to learn more