Print Impact™PRINT Measurement


A proven approach that connects print advertising exposure to Rx/OTC treatment behavior 

Need to understand the reach and impact of your print advertising investment? Crossix partners with leading publishers to determine if print campaigns reach the right audiences and drive incremental sales lift and ROI for your brand.

Key Advantages:

  • Understand the Rx or OTC treatment profile of the audience exposed to print campaigns
  • Determine if campaign exposure drives incremental new patient starts
  • Able to measure using different analytics and control methodologies
  • Leverage learnings to optimize campaign performance and ROI

Print Impact adopts two measurement approaches: subscriber list analyses and geo targeting analyses. Across these two approaches, there are three different control methods:


1. Crossix Consumer-Level Control Matching 

Leveraging the Crossix standard control methodology, subscribers exposed to an ad are compared to subscribers not exposed to the ad, and matched based on treatment history and demographic information (age, gender, etc.). This ensures that the only distinguishing factor between the test group and the control group is the former's exposure to the ad campaign.


2. Subscriber List Holdout

With this approach, a publisher holds out a portion of randomly selected subscribers to create a control group who receives the publication without the brand advertisement. The only difference between the two groups is whether or not the ad was included in their copy of the publication.

3. Geo Control Matching

Using Crossix 1:1 matched pair methodology, control populations are picked from similiar markets not exposed to the ad. Control markets are chosen based on the following census data:

  • % insured
  • Median household income
  • Population size
  • Demographics (age, gender, ethnicity)


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