Crossix Programmatic™ - buy digital media programmatically Programmatic Audience Targeting


Reach the right health audience more efficiently than ever before

Does your brand fully understand how health conditions influence consumers and the brands they choose? From pregnancy and lactose intolerance to diabetes and allergies, Crossix offers more than 150 health condition segments to ensure that you reach the right audience, at scale, with your CPG or OTC message across display, video and mobile.

Sample Use Cases:

CPG: A heart-healthy breakfast cereal uses the heart disease condition model to serve specific ad creative to users more likely to be persuaded by heart-healthy messaging.

OTC: An OTC antihistamine uses the allergies treatment audience segment to target those most likely to treat seasonal allergies with OTC medications.

OTC: An OTC ibuprofen treatment uses the back pain and arthritis condition models to target consumers with a high likelihood to purchase pain medication.


  • Over 150 category-specific segments help reach people likely to treat within condition categories
  • Custom segments for your brand's specific or nuanced audience needs
  • Distributed Data Network (DDN) technology that fully connects Rx, OTC and clinical data, as well as 2,000+ consumer variables
  • 60+ integrated DSPs, DMPs and publishers for more efficient targeting and media versatility
  • Targeting beyond digital, including TV, print, CRM and other media

Proven Success:

Crossix Programmatic™ has already been used by 200+ unique brands, including 23 of the top 25 pharmaceutical companies. Contact us today to discover how we can help your brand identify and efficiently target your most valuable consumer