Crossix Now™ - integrate your dataEnterprise Empowerment


Connecting all of your consumer data & analytics, in one powerful cloud-based platform.

A deep understanding of your consumers benefits your entire company. So we created an enterprise solution that integrates and connects your client & partner data feeds in one centralized, cloud-based interface. It delivers a dynamic 360-degree view of consumers who have been exposed to your marketing programs, and enables real-time analytics and continuous optimization.


Key Advantages:

  • Integrated data

    Segment more effectively by grouping consumers based on an array of variables, including demographics, geographic location, level of campaign engagement, propensity to treat (condition or Rx/OTC brand), and more
  • Quantify and configure population data for desired analyses, then view results in real time
  • Leverage actionable analytics & insights to fine-tune marketing and communication strategies, customize messaging to ensure relevance for the respective segment, and optimize the overall experience with your brand and company

How It Works: From Data to Analyses

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